Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ooppss.. No China, no Tibet... Hello Vietnam !

Here we are again ... still on the road!
We left you in Ventiane a few weeks ago.
We had an amazing time making our way to Van Vieng (Hippieland of Laos), then to the listed world heritage city of Luang Prabang (a colonial beauty).
We then decided to head towards North Vietnam; but not before exploring the plains of Jars of Siphodon (Big stone jars which are still a mystery to archeologists) and learnt about the disaster of the american bombings of North Laos which unexploded bombies still kills thousands every year.
Thanks to the unexpected travel surprises (a bus that never showed up but kindly compensated with an overcrowded pick up truck at 2 times the price) we change our itinary and made our way to Vietnam earlier than expected through a funny high altitude border. (more info available on request :))

A few days later we arrived in Hanoi to meet our lovely Brianna and her Co.
Hanoi: Beautifl, Great food, cheap beers, kind people, retarded drivers, boiling hot ..... but how nice it is to be in a welcoming home furnished with EVERYTHING. (computer, washing machine, TV, but... no water :) (info ande request as well).

One great thing about Hanoi is that you can enjoy the city as well as very nicfew days trips not too far away.
Tam Coc (Halong Bay on rice field) and Cuc Phong national park (sleeping in the middle of the park). How nice to leave the big bag at home.
We made the 3 hours drive from Hanoi riding a bike ... Crazy retarted drivers !!!!

Halong Bay (Tam Coc on the sea); with Brianna and her friends Shri and Claire; chilling out on a junk visiting psychadelic caves, kayaking between the cliffs, drinking beers on the deck and being bossed around by our boat guide Tuc.

So all is well and happy in Hanoi; waiting the arrival of the superstar.... I name Mr. Jack the fripouille who is coming directly and especially from HK to meet us.

Passport are in; planes being fuelled.... next stop: India !!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

China / Tibet

China / Tibet